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Do you run an SEO or digital marketing agency?

If so, then you know the importance of accurate business data to Local SEO.

We can help ensure your client’s local listings are consistent and accurate across the Internet. When it comes to citation management, we have the tools and connections to ensure your client’s business locations show up on the map.

Nearly 90% of people use navigation technology, whether that’d be a dedicated GPS device, an autonomous car, or the Maps app on their phone. Despite this, about 70% of all business listings are inaccurate.

At Navads, we optimize the visibility of your client’s brands by guaranteeing 100% data quality. We have direct access to the most important local data aggregators, including the major mapping companies such as Google, Apple Maps, Waze, and TomTom. This means we can help businesses get found no matter which app or device a consumer uses.

Beyond that, we provide an All-in-One dashboard called Atlas to track your locations’ publication status and traffic insights. Click the button below to get started today.

Get My Clients Listed On All Major Mapping Platforms

Why Choose Navads?

Lower Cost

Our service is priced lower than the competition

More Than A Tool

We manually verify every placement to ensure accuracy

No Hijacking

If you ever choose to leave, we leave your client’s listings alone

Simple Reporting

Prove value to your clients with the Atlas Dashboard

The Better Local Listing Platform

When it comes to choosing a local listing management service, there are a lot of factors to consider: the total number of citation sites managed by the service, the price, and the longevity of the listings created.

If you’re deciding between Navads and other local listing management services, consider the following Navads benefits:

  • Our service is priced lower than competitor services on average.
  • We’re more than just a tool. We manually verify every placement.
  • We don’t hijack listings. If you ever choose to leave, we leave your client’s listings alone.
  • We don’t compete with our white-label partners who sell to enterprise clients.
  • We offer a global solution and we are ‘future proof’. We are one of two listings management companies that have a direct relationship with Apple Maps – we focus on being present in the autonomous car and smart devices.
  • We offer a simple reporting dashboard. This makes reporting to your clients simple and straightforward.

At Navads, we strive to bring you unbeatable value. We focus on the mapping platforms and data aggregators that propagate the most effectively across the web.

While we may not own our own directories, like other competitors, you can rest assured that your clients will be visible to consumers on the platforms that matter.

Unmatchable Local Listing Management

With our proprietary platform, you spend less time submitting manual updates or trying to work with your clients to verify listings — and more time developing other important marketing strategies.

Over 400 companies already rely on us and resell our services. We have access to several data sources that are impossible for individual businesses to submit updates to on their own. Below are just a few of the map platforms we have direct partnerships with:

  • Google: We can get instant publication of your listings.
  • Apple Maps: We’re a preferred supplier.
  • Waze: We’re one of three preferred suppliers.
  • Here Maps: Over 1 billion devices rely on data from this platform.
  • TomTom: This platform has the most comprehensive POI (Points of Interest) collection
  • Foursquare: We offer near instant publication.
  • Navmii: This platform has 5.5 million active users
  • Factual: We’re a preferred supplier of POI data

If you’re ready to help your clients get better local rankings and map visibility, we can help.

The Navads Process

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Location Management

Reputation Management

Review Management

Insights Management

Location Management Technology

Navads core speciality is its hyper-accurate geo-coding process where we use our data quality rigid system to ensure an industry leading quality of POI placement. We aim for no less than rooftop of storefront positioning

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