Local Search

Local Search Optimization

Local Searches are searches for performed on handheld devices to find businesses in the proximity of the searcher. A local search contains a search that has a distinctive local intent that makes it unique in the way they are queried: containing words like ‘near me’, ‘around me’ or near cities or places like ‘near Amsterdam’. People use these searches when they are on the go looking for a specific type of business on a variety of different applications and devices.

It is estimated by Google that half of the search queries today have a local component. It’s imperative for brands, therefore, to be at the forefront at the moment of search. No matter what navigation app your customers use, your brand needs to be on the first page with an accurate NAP, properly managed reviews, and rich data to pull the customer to your store.

Be everywhere in Local Search

Smartphone-related local searches are not just performed on Google but are inherited on any maps application that are smartphone-enabled. It’s imperative for brands to make sure they are visible everywhere their customer searches.

With Navads, your brand is being syndicated across dozens of maps publishers and across hundreds of endpoints in the navigation ecosystem. We have the one-stop-shop solution to connect your brand with any local search on any navigation app or device.

Be relevant for local search

Local Searches are high-converting types of searches for your retail stores since consumers already know exactly what they need. It’s up to you to make the conversion with detailed business information, imagery, corporate logo, ratings, reviews, and categorization.

Optimize for Local Search

Search engines take NAP and rich data such as reviews high up as ranking factors to determine their rankings. To make the most out of every search, you want your business information to be correct at all times and your reviews to be properly managed.

With our powerful platform, you ensure that your listings are claimed, verified and optimized for local search so they will rank high in the map search results.