Location Data Optimization

Optimizing your Location Data for Discovery Search

‘Location Data’ is data stored in our navigation ecosystem coming from local businesses which could include Name, Address, Phone and opening times. Location Data is the foundation of your business’ presence and drives traffic to your stores. With so many platform updates on both the publishers’ and on your end; your location data could easily become outdated.

With Location Data Optimization, Navads prevents errors from occuring in how your business is listed and syndicated across the web. Navads takes ownership of your data, optimizes it for local searches and syndicates the data across hundreds of endpoints across the entire ecosystem.

Location Data Quality

On average, 70% of the location data Navads receives from its clients contain errors, inconsistencies, and outdated data. For example, our data shows that of all received Business Names contained mistakes. Are you still sure people can find your business everywhere they look?

Brand Name

Display Name



Phone NR

Opening Hours

Centralized Storage

Who owns and manages your brand’s location data? Are they kept in one place? Many brand managers face the task of endlessly collecting data in multiple sheets across multiple regions and departments; lacking any structure.

Local data should be stored centrally, with proper management to deliver the seamless experience your customer is hoping for. With Navads Location Data Optimization, you ensure that your customers have no trouble in finding your brand whatever application or device they use.

  |          .01          Business name

 |          .02          Phone number

               |          .03          Primary categorization

|          .04          Local Website

Identities and Attributes

      .01        Products offered                   |

      .02        Business specialties            |

      .03        Business services                 |

      .04        Payment methods                |

      .05        Opening hours                       |

      .06        Unique offering within a       |
business category

      .07        Reviews                                    |

Rooftop or Storefront Placement

Our team of Data Quality Specialists make sure your locations are placed with hyper-accuracy, right on the spot.