Local Listings Management

About Local Listings Management

Navads’ Local Listings Management banishes bad business listings from the eco-system to ensure that only the most accurate Local Listings data is presented at the moment of search. Prevent incorrect business listings from frustrating your customers and negatively influencing your local search rankings. With centralized location data management, you take control over your listings and optimize them for branded and unbranded searches coming from all devices and mapping applications.

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Make Local Listings Management Actionable

Get rid of errors

Local Listings Management can optimize and solve many problems. Ever encountered incorrect business information or badly targeted advertising yourself? These problems are inherited from the same source: Bad location data.

Errors in location data can cause many problems that influence other location driven campaigns. Having your business listings managed properly will greatly improve your location data quality and make your locations more eligible to show up high in the search results for location-based searches.

Expand your Local Listings Presence

Managing a multi-location account is a time-consuming process if you have many updates and errors. The total navigation ecosystem is huge and comprises a multi billion industry; consisting out of many directories and maps applications. Google Maps is a big player but just being on Google is insufficient to capture all search traffic.

By just focusing on one channel, you will miss out on about 60% of other relevant traffic to your pages. With Navads syndication services we can get your business right in front of people when they use whatever navigation application to find your business.

Automate Listings Data

Manual updates on local listings can cost brand managers hours of tedious work and unwanted results. This is because map publishers work with difficult requirements that take time and knowledge to fully understand. For brand managers managing multi-location accounts, this means hard work and dedication.

Navads has built tight relationships with all major map publishers and is, therefore, able to submit updates quicker and more accurately than anyone else.

Analyse Customer Engagement

With Local Listings Management from Navads you get the advantage of measuring the effectiveness of your location marketing – from actions and Impressions, to KPI’s to measure success. Our Atlas dashboard gives you full insight into customer behavior: analyze how many views your locations had, how many people navigated to your stores and calculate your Return on Investment based on your Customer Lifetime Values.