Google My Business Management

Managing Google My Business

Managing Google My Business for a multi-location company is a difficult and tedious process. Although many brands recognize Google as the dominant player in search, many are still left clueless about how to manage it properly to catch all relevant searches.

Thanks to Navads’ deeply embedded relationships with Google’s Google My Business location content platform, we are able to submit updates to your listings fast and easy. Outsourcing your Google My Business Management means saying goodbye to manual updates, verification errors and welcomes an optimized management of your listings for search on Google.

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Centralized Location Management




Managing multiple Google My Business pages at once is a timely process which requires detailed knowledge of Google’s platform.  Navads offers a centralized service integrated with Google’s architecture via the latest Google My Business API. Our dedicated Google My Business Manager acts as a single point of contact ensures listings are correctly claimed, verified and published.

Quick Submission and Updates

Navads is connected through the latest GMB API which allows us to correct or update your listings with tremendous speed. Updating your local listings on Google My Business is an easy job. Just send us a flat file containing your listings, or use our proprietary API. Please contact our Google My Business Support Team if you are unsure about how to properly ingest your locations to our database.

Quick Submission

Automatic Updates

Quick Submission

Automatic Updates

Save time. Enhance your quality

Navads has expert knowledge of Google My Business’ management properties and processes. Through our system of quality checks, we not only make sure your location data has 100% accuracy, we also decrease your time spent on Google My Business Management. Navads, on average, spends 4 minutes per POI, how fast are you?

Manage and analyze your Google My Business listings

With Google My Business Management from Navads you get the advantage of measuring how effective your location marketing is. With the KPIs Actions and Impressions, you can assess the effectiveness of your local marketing efforts by taking a deep dive into customer behavior.  With Atlas Insights, you are able to analyze how many people viewed your locations on Google Maps or how many people navigated to your stores with ‘get-to-directions’ and calculate your Return On Investment based on your Customer Lifetime Values.