Connected Car Optimziation

Ready for the Connected Car

Navads has unique relationships with the biggest mapmakers in the world that power the navigation industry Our deeply integrated data architecture is preferred by many companies such as Google, Waze HERE, TomTom and more.

Is your brand ready for the future of search?

By having Navads managing your data, you will ensure that your updated store data will show up in all available connected systems that service hundreds of car brands used by consumers today.

From Search to Data Management

The connected car and voice search will gradually change The way we search over time. With Search becoming more reliant on long tail search techniques, marketers should understand how relying on basic location data will make their brand invisible for searches done through connected or AI devices.

With Navads’ extensive knowledge about location data, we will make your brand ready for the future of search by updating your location data with enhanced categorization long tail keywords and more.

Ready for Voice Search?

Voice Search will have big opportunities for businesses as people on the go will use voice search more and more to reach their destinations. Statista (2016) showed that already about 20% of Voice Searches contains requests for local business data.

With so many voice searches performed on so many different devices, are you sure your brand will be picked by AI in their search results?