How we put your business on the map with industry leading local marketing solutions

Increase your store traffic with Navads local marketing solutions

Navads’ Local Marketing Solutions can help brands to make the difference in a world where search is constantly evolving. Today’s economy demands that your business is visible for any search on any device using whatever application. The customer journey often involves a micro search towards locations using either manual or voice queries. The location accuracy of your business can play a pivotal role in attracting relevant store traffic to your stores

Google My Business Management

Managing your local stores in Google Maps requires perfection. As it is the most-used mapping and navigation application, it requires brands with over 100 locations to set up infrastructure that supports proper location content management

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Location Data Optimization

Research from our database shows that about 70% of all received data contains errors and wrong-placed pins. Keeping a healthy location data environment has a number of benefits that support your business commercial goals, including SEO and branding

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Local Search

Local Search is a booming industry. Research indicates that half of the daily 1 billion searches on search engines have a local component. Your locations have become a magnet for traffic and engagement and this benefits your sales figures. But are your stores well optimised so people can find them on whatever search engine or digital map? People tend to distrust stores with false business information and rather walk to your competitor. With corporate accounts managing over 100 locations, keeping control over your NAP data, reviews and customer insights is hard. Let us help you make your locations actionable

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Local Listings Management

The navigation eco-system has dozens of navigation applications which are used by countless endpoints. Managing your business’ local listings on all these applications and devices is tedious and time-consuming. In addition, it requires detailed knowledge of the publisher’s data specifications and data intake process. We at Navads have all the knowledge in-house and built a data management platform that produces industry-leading data quality meeting all the publisher’s specifications.

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Connected Car

Is your brand ready for the next revolution in car-based search? With the expected developments in the self-driving and connected cars segments, it is vital for your brand to make your preparations to ensure your local data is compatible with the next-generation of navigation technology.

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