Navads Insights

Bring statistics to life with Navads Insights. Navads Insights provides you an aggregated overview of your brand listings’ performance on the publishing channels you have activated.

Insights gives you detailed traffic and action insights such as the number of views, URL-clicks or drive-to-direction requests.

A wealth of data

View how many actions were performed compared to the total number of views to see how succesfull your listings convert into clicks, drive-to- direction requests or phone calls, aggregated as a total of all your listings.

Your business locations offer a goldmine of user data which you can use to gain competative advantage. With so much information scattered across the web, it’s hard to stay on track

Traffic Insights

How many people searched for your locations in Google or Google Maps?


Within Insights, you can track the SEO and local SEO visibility of your locations measure over time

Local Search insights

Check how many views converted into actions by viewing the conversions day per day tracker

Using a historical overview, Insights shows you the aggregated division between searches performed on Google Maps versus searches performed on Google Search

Action Insights



     Website clicks

     Drive to Direction


The Action report within Insights provides marketers a brand overview of the total actions performed on your brand listings. Track any action, such as the number of times people have clicked on your website URL within Google Maps, the number of times people contacted you by phone or the total number of times people visited your business location by requesting drive-to-directions

Action Overview

View how the total actions relate to each other for all your listings on a day-by-day basis using the ‘actions per day’ or, the ‘average actions per location’ view.

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