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Become a Local Search

Local search visibility is gaining importance every day, al already half all the search volume today has a local component. SME’s too understand the value of this upcoming trend and will increasingly demand their SEO or digital consultant to optimize their listings for local discovery searches. Meaning, listings have to be updated and optimized across the whole navigation ecosystem, known as to ensure a healthy SEO ranking score, starting with Google My Business Management and moving on to expanding the dataset to other important publishers. At Navads, we are keen on helping you become a true expert and to extend your knowledge and impact using the proper means and channels.

Deliver Outstanding

Navads offers its partners industry-leading data quality, recognized and used by the world’s leading retailers. Navads has built its platform entirely around data quality to deliver an outstanding product to its clients and partners which we offer you as a reseller to brand as your own. Next to our data platform, we have built products that will help you deliver an outstanding value by offering your clients complimentary products, such as Atlas to manage your client’s locations, Digital Reputation Management and Insights Management which you can use to help your customers understand the value you add.

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Location Management

Reputation Management

Review Management

Insights Management

Location Management Technology

Navads core speciality is its hyper-accurate geo-coding process where we use our data quality rigid system to ensure an industry leading quality of POI placement. We aim for no less than rooftop of storefront positioning

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Navads has tight relationships with world’s leading maps and navigation platforms to make sure your client’s locations are visibile for every brand or non-branded search in navigation systems, mobile phones tablets or desktops.

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