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Use our location technology to complete your digital offering and supply the needs of your customers. Many digital agencies rely on Navads’ location platform every day to successfully realise their presence management solutions.

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Use out dashboard Atlas to offer your clients full insights into their presence management offering.

With Atlas, you have an complete overview of the total number of POIs under management and the current status of the cleansing progress. Atlas also supports management of ratings & reviews of your clients locations as well as managing Insights based on Google’s Insights Reports.

Location Management Technology

Navads core speciality is its hyper-accurate geo-coding process where we use our data quality rigid system to ensure an industry leading quality of POI placement. We aim for no less than rooftop of storefront positioning



Navads has tight relationships with world’s leading maps and navigation platforms to make sure your client’s locations are visibile for every brand or non-branded search in navigation systems, mobile phones tablets or desktops.


local listings reach


We are dedicated to bring you unlimited support with our platform. To help you grow your business and help you with all your technical questions we have our Parter Success Manager available for you whenever you require assistence, asides from the monthly check-up that we have already scheduled for you.

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