How to win in Local: 5 articles of last week

What Happens If Facebook Gets Serious About Local?

Despite the almost constant changes in the local landscape, here’s something that I think has been a constant for more than a decade: Google is synonymous with local marketing.

Many local business owners know — or are taught — that a good portion of their online marketing success depends on their visibility in Google’s search results. For the past nine years, I’ve spoken at or hosted local marketing panels at numerous conferences and I’d estimate that, overall, a good 80 percent of the discussion was Google-centric. (I’m including in that number both speaker presentations and questions from the audiences.) There’s little interest in what Bing is doing in the local/maps space, and platforms like Yelp and TripAdvisor earn a tiny fraction of the conversation.



Proximity to Searcher is Still the #1 Local Search Ranking Factor

Dan Leibson recently published a post titled “The TriModal Local Ranking Algo in One Screenshot”. In the post, he uses a screenshot which he believes illustrates that there isn’t a #1 local search ranking factor.


Survey: Enterprise Marketers Are Increasing Local Digital Mix

Many multi-location brands still rely on traditional media for their local marketing, making them appear more conservative than local small businesses who have embraced digital marketing aggressively. But that’s changing, as enterprise local marketers become experienced with digital tactics they originally used to promote their corporate sites. Today, most of them spend less than a third of their digital budgets on local campaigns and programs, but 40% say they are increasing the local mix.


Google local finder rolls out website mentions matching your query


Sergey Alakov first noticed that Google has begun rolling out the local finder website mentions that Google began testing earlier this month.

Website mentions in the local finder show the searcher if their query, the search they used to bring up the local results in Google, matches any of the content found on the local business website. Now it seems to be live for all, and I am able to replicate the “Their website mentions” notations myself.


Understanding How Google Measures Store Visits

At the LSA Place conference in New York last week, Google’s Kishore Kanakamedala, director of online-to-offline solutions, offered a rare glimpse into the procedure Google uses to link online ads to offline store visits.

Since the launch of store visit metrics in late 2014, Google has occasionally pulled back the covers to discuss how attribution works, and the presentation was a welcome update, touching on the steady growth of the dataset and the addition of new techniques such as machine learning.