Why brands should manage their local reviews [Free Whitepaper]

Why Brands Should Manage their Local Reviews


Leverage reviews for commercial success

Managing your local reviews becomes a prerequisite in coming years. Ratings and Reviews on solutions and services offered by businesses are projected to be the next primary source from which businesses can leverage commercial success. In a digital age where consumer opinions are large influencers of site traffic and public opinion, it seems to be an imperative practice to start managing them properly both on- and offline. For businesses operating in the online industry with a dedicated team of customer service representatives, this can mean a large opportunity awaits. However, not all companies possess the means or the tools to solicit customers for reviews – and hence, reputation peril is imminent.


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Brightlocal (2016) found that 90% of people surveyed in their study said they regularly check for reviews prior to visiting a business. This means that for local businesses, reviews are very influential and predictive in determining whether or not people are going to visit your store. It is wise therefore for any local businesses to monitor their local pages such as Google My Business, Yelp, TripAdvisor and Facebook and to have an internal strategy in place for responding to them.

In our whitepaper, “Why you should manage Ratings and Reviews for your Brand” we will explain in what ways reviews can be beneficial for your local store’s success, why you should start responding to reviews and how you can manage them properly.

The paper gives you an overview of the market, insights into statistics that prove ratings and reviews are the next business frontier and actionable ‘how-to’s which you can use for your brand today!

What you will learn:

Reviews and reputation are at the forefront of this ‘national’ to ‘local’ paradigm shift. Universally listing and review management are more important than ever before for SMBs (small to medium sized businesses) all the way up to large mutli-location brands with thousands of locations. The ability to maintain and control that online presence and respond to both negative and positive reviews are what is easily setting apart successful online marketing strategy in 2017 and the businesses that are floundering or fear solidifying their online presence due to imminent negative online reviews. What they don’t realize is that the public will create a profile on their behalf to solicit a negative remark or provide negative feedback so it would be much better for them to control and monitor their online presence directly to eliminate this from happening.