Smartphones as Ultimate Holiday Shopping Assistent

With Christmas upon our doorsteps and the winter chills getting colder by the day, we know its that time of the year again: Holiday Shopping! Millions of people will flock to the shopping streets to find their ultimate present for their loved ones, families, friends or colleagues. For shoppers, this often means a lot of stress: where to find the best presents for the best prices? It’s honest to say that it is not always easy. The shops are crowded, items run out of stock and time is short.

Retailers have prepared themselves the whole year as well as they can to be able to profit from these fruitful days, but did they also thought about updating their store information like their location and their special opening hours? During these days, the phone is the shopper’s biggest friend as well as is Google Maps.

According to Deloitte’s 2016 Holiday Survey, 78 percent of American smartphone owners plan to use their device while doing their holiday shopping. Statista found that retailers are in luck, as checking the physical location of a store is the most popular smartphone activity among holiday shoppers. (see graph below)


Why is this important?

One might wonder why this is so important. According to our database, about 70% of all location-data we examine has flaws, including 75% of Name Address and Phone data which is false or inconsistent. By default, Google ensures that your location is set correct on their platform; however, this is never manually checked nor verified.

To ensure your customers can find you on whatever maps application, check and correct your store location so its on the spot!