The Quest for Accurate NAP [FREE Infographic]

The Quest for Accurate NAP


For many times already, Name Address and Phone (NAP) accuracy has been the topic of attention in our blog posts. Accurate NAP is one of the foundations of local listings management in which retailers aim to achieve a 100% accuracy across the whole eco-system.

Having accurate NAP has many benefits for multi-location shop owners that have already been discussed previously. In summary, there are two obvious benefits which can be identified:


Firstly: Accurate NAP across all listings increases consumer confidence, which could potentially lift sales figures

Secondly: Accurate NAP makes Google happy. Google rewards shop owners who have their NAP accurate setup across all digital maps by improving their ranking in the (local) search results.


To explain the process better and to visualize how this could benefit your business, Navads made an infographic: ‘the Quest for Accurate NAP.

In the end, we explain specifically how multi-location show owners could benefit from our help to increase the accuracy of their listings.

Enjoy the read!



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