New Faces at Navads – Building up our Data Quality Team with Sayma Monir

Navads New Faces

Sayma Monir joins Navads after having a successful career in the pharmaceutical industry. Her scientific thinking and attention to details is of high value in her role as Data Quality Expert to maintain Navads high quality standards. Get to know Sayma by her interview below:


Q1): What was your reasoning for changing careers?

It was not an intentional change. I did not want to restrict myself to one industry or one specific area, so I made the decision to explore diverse opportunities where I can add value, regardless of the industry.

Q2): How can you apply your pharmaceutical skills to a tech company?

The industries might be different, but the fundamentals are essentially the same. As a Pharmaceutical Scientist, I have extensive experience in working with large data sets where we apply similar principles as Navads in maintaining highest quality standards, recognizing patterns and ensuring data accuracy. At the end of the day the goal is to provide best quality data by following best practices. I strongly believe that my scientific acumen will enable me to achieve equally high quality results at Navads as well.

Q3): Were you familiar with location data management before you started working with Navads?

When it comes to location management, my understanding was only from the end-user perspective, i.e. asking Google to navigate me to the nearest coffee shop or gas station! It’s fascinating to learn how complex the curation process of location management is. I was drawn to the attention to detail and focus on accuracy required for this process, which is innate to me having worked as a Researcher and Scientist.

Q4); Tell me about your background?
I am originally from Bangladesh. I grew up in a loving family with my parents and two siblings. After finishing my Bachelor of Pharmacy degree in Bangladesh I moved to New York to pursue my dreams; where I completed MS in Industrial Pharmacy. I then moved to Rhode Island to pursue my career at a Pharmaceutical Company as an Analytical Scientist to apply the skills I have gained through my education and contribute directly towards improving quality of life by developing better healthcare products.

Q5): What do you like about working within Navads?

The best part about working at Navads is the work culture. We work as a team and help each other learn new things and grow. It is an asset to work for a company where new ideas are always welcome, and everyone’s opinion is valued equally. Conscious attention is given to our personal and professional growth through the Training Development Program and appraisals. We have colleagues from all over the world and together we make an amazing team. Everyday we enjoy group lunch together apart from the regular Friday evening gatherings. At Navads we believe in: “Work hard, play harder.”


Melissa van Maenen started her career as an applied psychologist and found her way to the interwebs by landing a role at Navads as Office Manager. She supports the management team, works as recruiter to support the fast growth of the company and develops new skills to incorporate in new marketing / social media strategies. In her spare time, van Maenen is contributing in writing and marketing courses to grow her personal value in the company. Her personal slogan is “Stay humble, work hard and be kind!”