New Faces at Navads – Building up our Client Success Management Team with Joost Vermaas

Navads New Faces

Joost Vermaas joined Navads after  working in the engineering and mapping software industries. His high interest in digital maps makes him very knowledgeable in this fast-changing industry and helps improving the process in customer success management. Get to know Joost through our interview with him below:

Q1): What excites you most about digital location management?

I have always been fascinated with maps, whether it is a historic globe, satellite imagery or a subway system map. Not a day goes by without looking at some sort of map. They can simply help to get directions but also tell stories about places and patterns without being there. One of the things I always do before I go on holiday is place my own points of interest in Google maps. My world map is now covered with stars of places I have visited or still want to visit.

When you talk about location it becomes even more interesting. In our field of work it’s all about location data. This data empowers the mapping platforms and the technologies that we use in everyday life. In almost every digital trend you will find a location component: self-driving cars, IoT even in voice search there is a ‘where’. I think the usage of high quality and rich data will keep growing so I guess we are in the right business 😉.

Q2): I hear you have a passion for locations and mapping, where did this all start?

Location and maps have always been a theme during my time as a student and in previous jobs. I have studied Economic Geography which means you study the characteristics of economic activities across places. Later on I started working for an engineering company and entered the world of geodesy, a work field that is actually the beginning of map making. We worked in projects in land surveying where surveyors use GPS to collect data for map making. This is where I also saw the first professional software to create digital maps.

Q3): Is that the moment you realized you wanted to work in a software company focusing on digital maps?

Yes, because of my passion for maps I made the switch to one of these software companies in digital mapping. The best place to be if you like the technology of geographic information systems (GIS). Instead of mapping point by point, GIS is all about gathering, managing, and analyzing all types of location data.

Q4): What is the reason for transitioning to Navads? You were already working in a company focusing on digital maps?

During this time the use of digital maps on smartphones and in-car navigation systems exploded. Google Maps, TomTom, Uber and Waze became very popular and I had my eye on this trend. I was always curious about how all the location content on these maps was created. And that’s where Navads came into the picture. I started working at Navads this summer and I’m really excited to now be part of this new mapping industry. Because I am a user of these maps myself it’s cool to actually work with brands and enterprises and make sure their locations are correct and accurately shown online. Because that’s what we do!

Q5): Digital location management is a fast-growing industry, how do you adapt to the fast change within your role as Client Success Manager?

Within the ever-changing landscape of digital location management, our company is growing and changing every day as well. Besides the growing amount of customers and their locations, the team is also growing and is becoming more scalable, expert-level and process-oriented. A good example is our focus on customer success management. Driving customer success has become the main metric fueled by one of our core processes. This is more than just relationship management, we are constantly improving the processes around onboarding, customer engagement and – feedback. This is something we do with the CSM team ourselves and with the rest of the company.

Q6): What intrigues you specifically about Navads?

The combination of the innovation that Navads is undergoing and the changes in the navigation and mapping industry makes our job very dynamic.  In the short period that I’ve been a part of Navads I’ve learned there’s always one certainty: next month everything will be different again, but we’ll be ready.  

Melissa van Maenen started her career as an applied psychologist and found her way to the interwebs by landing a role at Navads as Office Manager. She supports the management team, works as recruiter to support the fast growth of the company and develops new skills to incorporate in new marketing / social media strategies. In her spare time, van Maenen is contributing in writing and marketing courses to grow her personal value in the company. Her personal slogan is “Stay humble, work hard and be kind!”