Why you need a Local Listings Platform Like Navads

Why you need a Local Listings Platform Like Navads


For brand managers managing multiple locations, keeping track with updates or errors in location data means headaches and expert knowledge of Excel. Generally speaking, to manage over 100 locations in Google alone, already requires 1 full-time employee to keep track of all the changes and errors that might occur due to changes in opening times, shop positioning or added categorizations. This employee also needs to make sure that reviews are read and answered…location per location. Albeit, it means so much work…and that’s just for 1 map channel. Imagine you run a business that needs to be listed with accuracy on all of them. Added with the fact that each map publisher has different requirements and formats to process and accept location data, and you might arrive at the point where you feel you need some help.

Here is how Navads helps you.


With Local Listings Management, you navigate your guests the right way

We correct 75% of our clients’ addresses for incorrect house numbers, street names, and postal codes. What’s more, we also collect insights into what distances we correct the pin for our clients. Check the chart below:

Clearly, there is a long tail trend visible in the amount of cleansed meters shown in the chart above. But still, imagine you are searching for a fuel station when you ran out of gas and couldn’t reach it because it was not there. Would you ever search for that brand again to refuel?


Generate More Income with Local Listings Management

Google has over and over again shown that 4/5 of today’s searches have a clear local intent, meaning they had something to do with searches for nearby locations. Imagine your retail stores didn’t have proper categorization. Anytime some one searched for “hotel with pool nearby”, your brand name did not show up. There goes your booking! It’s imperative therefore to be 100% sure that all the details are in place.

Improve the Experience with Local Listings Management

Accurate representation of your store locations on any digital map. It can’t go wrong with proper management. This means you will guarantee that your customers have no trouble finding you. Seamless customer experience!

What are the things we correct?

Display Name
Brand Name
Postal Code
House Number
Telephone Number
Email Address
Opening Hours

Improve Productivity with Local Listings Management

Let’s face it: no one got Google My Business Management as a subject in college. There is also no major to study that covers ‘local listings management or  ‘local search’. There is a whole book of knowledge behind proper managing multiple listings, which included chapters about duplicate listings, location errors, submission error, verification, manual POI correction…

These are things our Google My Business Managers do on a daily basis…and they work full time to manage all the errors for our client’s accounts. You can read more about our Google My Business handling here: 5 Reasons to outsource your Google my Business Listings Management

Who is going to be responsible for your location marketing efforts…is there a full-time employee available?

I guess your digital marketer has to clean up some of his time to correct all the information manually in his data sheet.

This can be very time-consuming and ineffective. Therefore, local listings management can free up your time to focus on other parts of the digital arena. I have summarized these points in the infographic below:

local listings management - navads



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