Using Google’s video reviews for your local business

In this article, we will take a look at Google’s new feature: Video Reviews for Local businesses. It’s still in the early roll out phase, but information has been leaked as well as some very early previews. We will go by what it is exactly and how local businesses should prepare themselves for it.

Google continues its mission to improve its Local Guides Program by adding the possibility to add video reviews to its platform.
It could potentially be the next step towards a ‘live’ version of Google Streetview where we could view the streets of our world in real-time.
For now, the step towards live video already means a big step forward as its the first time Google is bringing live video to its mapping service.

Users that are part of the Local Guides Program can shoot and upload up to 10 sec of footage straight from the Google Maps apps or can upload 30 sec of footage selected from their camera roll.
video reviews loal business

The feature was quietly released to Local Guides to weeks ago and is now also notifying them via e-mail. Expect to hear more from this feature soon as Google will probably release this feature publicly in the coming weeks.

What will video reviews mean for my local business?

Until now, users can only upload images with their reviews to Google Maps in order to enthuse other users.Video, however, can capture and highlight ( or banter) moments far better. Take a restaurant for example, with a single click, a user can capture the setting, the mood, make shots of the food that was served and even add a personal to note to make the review complete. Video reviews will, just as regular reviews, take service to the next level. If you as a retailer, hotelier or restaurant owner perform below standards, users will try to capture it on video and let their peers know. Ans this might potentially make or break your business.

On the flipside, business owners too can use this function to highlight their best features to enthuse and attract their audience. Take a look how Etach promotes its sushi for example

video reviews loal business

As Google already said themselves:

“The possibilities are really exciting: Take viewers on a mini tour of a store you love, or show the bustling scene at your favorite neighborhood restaurant.”

How to video-review a local business yourself

Note: you have to be part of the Local Guides Community to use video reviews for local businesses. So sign yourself up here

First, go to any place on Google Maps you’d like to review and tap on it.
Then, scroll down and then tap “add a photo,”.

Secondly, tap the “Camera” icon and then hold the shutter to record. You can either live-stream the video or upload any video from your own pre-recorded library.
This function, at least for now, is only available to Android. We expect iOS functionally to roll out the end of this year.