Use Google Earth to Plan your Next Trip

use google to plan your next trip

Use Google Earth to Plan your Next Trip


It’s a great day for iOS users. Because as of today, planning your next trip got a whole lot more interesting. Google, today, launched its Google Earth app for iDevices which you can use to plan your next trip.

Already in April, Google introduced its new Google Earth application for desktop browsers which was enriched with a new interface and new features.

The new travel feature: Google Earth Voyager

As Tony Weber from Google writes: ‘planning your trip is half the fun’ which is unambiguously true. Traveling around the world makes you broaden your cultural and global perspective; meeting new people, experiencing new adventures…it’s great. But planning your trip already could mean so much fun. You basically set out the length and width of your new adventure. Perhaps by doing some research, you discover places that you didn’t know existed before.

Google has made this process a whole lot better by implementing the Voyager feature; a new way of finding travel inspiration. With Voyager, you’ll find detailed multi-day itineraries for 17 cities, from places in Europe such as Paris, London or Amsterdam to the crowded heart of Rio de Janeiro.

Voyager enables you to plan your trips visually by implementing over 140 stories in 8 languages.

Google Earth Knowledge Cards

If you feel that you need more historical knowledge about your next destination, Google just might have that information for you. With the ‘Knowledge Cards’ you can view cards that feature information about 1000’s of places and landmarks. These cards are accessible in the app by selecting any place or landmark.

Google Earth as your new travel agency

Are you a ‘world wanderer’ that doesn’t feel like planning anything? Likewise Google Search, Google Earth too has its own ‘I’m Feeling Lucky function that lets Google decide where you are heading next. Just roll the dice and see where Google takes you!

Share your gems

With Google Earth, you can use Postcards to show friends in your social network which hidden gems you found on the map. Using this tool, you easily lure your friends into buying their seat next to you on your next trip. 


Where do you plan to go next?