5 Reasons to outsource your Google my Business Listings Management

5 Reasons to Outsource your Google my Business Listings Management


Does your franchise already outsource its Google My Business Management? Improper management might cause you to lose traffic and money; it’s imperative to have your account setup correctly.

Why Google My Business Management?

With over 40.000 search queries every second and 3.5 billion searches per day, Google is unquestionably the largest search engine in the world.

These kind numbers prove that it is crucial for your business to be on Google My Business, Google’s free listing service. Nonetheless, many brands with multiple brick and mortars stores have unclaimed listings on Google My Business.

This article shares insights into why proper management and outsourcing your Google My Business Management is imperative in today’s connected world and offers 5 reasons why outsourcing this specific task is beneficial for your brand.

Updating your Google My Business Account

A Google My Business account is the perquisite to having a fully managed online presence in Google. Manual Google My Business management for one listing is easy, but managing more than 300 listings is time-consuming and complex. Manual verification of each location ancorresponding informationmation can be a daunting task. We at Navads are daily engaged with the service phone of Google to get hurdles out of the way – and we are experienced.

Managing listings in Google My Business requires constant attention. For brand marketers with an already long list of duties awaiting them, this is not something they want to deal with.


Who is the Manager?


Why should one brand marketer control the entire chain of locations in Google My Business? Is it not easier to divide the tasks among all the regional managers? The answer is plain and simple: NO.

The answer is No because a unified brand presence ensures a seamless customer experience. If every regional manager registers its own account, and general management decides to change a thing or two at brand-level, chances are that inconsistency lies at your doorstep.

Therefore, it is imperative to have ONE account to manage ALL listings.

Let’s say you have not centralized your management for Google My Business. The regional managers are controlling their location’s business profiles and are updating different information at different times. If the URL of the corporate website changes, faulty or delayed updates can easily result in potential customers being misinformed or misdirected. Centralized management eliminates this possibility while giving head office full control over brand uniformity.

So the best way to go about this process is to:
1) Centralize your management
2) Claim your business listings
3) Collect your all location data information in one sheet
4) Use the import tool to update all the data at once
5) Check, verify and process updates

What happens when you are not claiming your own Google My Business Listings?


In the case you leave your listings unclaimed, Google crawls the web for information you display on your website and combines the data with information that others say about your business, such as directories.

When your website is not updated or local directories fail to provide accurate information, Google is then publishing incorrect information. As Navads has over 10 years experience in managing location pages for brands, our research has shown that 70% of the information we encounter on mapping channels is incorrect or incomplete. Do the math: how many visitors a day are you missing out on?


5 Reasons to Outsource your Google My Business Management

To sum it all up,Google My Business management is a difficult process for Multi-Location Brands that aim to achieve brand uniformity. Although there are ways to simplify this process, it is indisputable that managing your listings and updates yourself is a tiring and costly process.

Navads has more than 10 years of experience in doing exactly this. Our ability to update and manage location pages for enterprise brands with numerous store locations offers immense additional value for brands.
Here is how:

API integration

Navads has a direct API connection with the GMB 3.2 API to ensure a seamless transition of updates and manual verification. This saves a lot of time. And when we say a lot, then we can’t think of a better example than when Shell asked us to change opening hours within 2 hours for 1000+ locations! It seemed nearly an impossible job at first but due to our deeply integrated connections with Google we managed to change those opening hours in record time…within the set 2 hours. That’s just one example out of many of how outsourcing Google My Business Management has many benefits.

Centralized Location Management

Outsourcing your Googly My Business Management to us ensures your brand’s image is managed centrally, ensuring 100% consistency. With our manual verification process, we ensure 100% accuracy of the following location data attributes:

  • Company Name
  • Categories
  • Address
  • Opening Hours
    Telephone Number
  • Website URL
  • Amenities
  • Photos & Shop Code

    This eliminates the need to assign ownership rights or to execute manual work for updating your profiles. Our dedicated Google My Business Manager ensures all locations are manually verified and updated with the latest information as well as the accurate placement of the location pin on Google maps at the storefront or rooftop level.

Fast Updates

Updates in Google for multiple locations takes time. Even when the data is submitted, it can take up to 24 hours to publish. In the case of rejected POIs by Google, this process might even take multiple days to finish. Navads uses a unique submission tool which submits all your updates at once and because we are a trusted supplier, can publish updates within 2 hours. Due to our strategic partnership with Google, we can fix errors within half a day – to ensure full brand visibility and accuracy; at any time.

Expert Knowledge

Did we already mention that updating a bulk sheet of locations at once and hem them verified properly isn’t as easy as it sounds?

Google has its own way of handling updates and therefore detailed knowledge of the submission process is a big plus. Enriching your locations with the wrong categories and amenities might affect your locations’ search traffic and possibly your sales figures. We have a dedicated Google My Business manager for your disposal to handle all your questions regarding this process – which removes your headache and saves you much, much time. (and money)

Access to location analysis products

As location search increases in popularity (almost half of the search queries in Google have a local intent) it’s likely that your Marketing VP is interested in the ROI of your location management efforts. To gain full insights, Navads offers brands that request Google My Business management our complimentary Insights and Ratings&Reviews package. This feature allows you to manage your GMB insights and ratings & reviews with Atlas, our presence management dashboard.



Google My Business Management is a tough job as Google has a certain level of complexity that makes manual submission and verification a nearly impossible job for franchises. Therefore, to prevent your business from losing money on potential traffic coming from local searches; outsourcing your Google My Business Management is a far better solutions. Not only does it save you money in the end, it also makes sure your business is correctly presented on the internet whenever a person searches for your brand. Ensuring the seamless experience you are hoping for!