Company Culture is Born, Not Made

In my experience working for many different marketing, consulting and big data agencies over the past decade I’ve come to find one thing rings true. You can bring on specialists, you can write down and define, emulate other company cultures like Netflix or Amazon, and you can try to manipulate company culture and tailor it […]

Smartphones as Ultimate Holiday Shopping Assistent

With Christmas upon our doorsteps and the winter chills getting colder by the day, we know its that time of the year again: Holiday Shopping! Millions of people will flock to the shopping streets to find their ultimate present for their loved ones, families, friends or colleagues. For shoppers, this often means a lot of stress: […]

How have the Ranking Factors changed in 2017?

Each year, research initiatives from the likes of David Mihm and Andrew Shotland from, try to give of us a better picture of how local ranking factors change in comparison to previous years. We talked about this in a previous blogpost, which you can access here:  in which we summarized David Mihm’s local ranking […]

Facebook rebrands “nearby” as Facebook Local

Should Yelp get worried? Facebook announced this week that they have come with a relaunch of their previous standalone application Facebook Events. Never even heard of it? Neither did a gross of the Facebook users. The application, that would inform users about upcoming events nearby, has never been a great success. Therefore, Facebook decided to [...]

Some Quick Facts you Need to Know About the #RetailLoco Conference

I was brought on by Navads around two months ago to facilitate lead generation and sales as a Business Development Associate, for the last ten years I focused primarily on customer success and operations so this was uncharted territory for me…an immersion course if you will. My company asked me to attend the 2017 LBMA […]